Panoramic Elevators Offer Economical Designs


Previously, traveling through space in transparent glass tubes was only happened in science frictions. However, recently, vacuum elevators that utilize vacuum pumps or turbines to carry you to the next floor at steady speeds to some extent realized these science frictions.

The main power used by vacuum elevator to lift the elevator cab is the air pressure. The cab has a vacuum seal built into the ceiling. Turbines at the top of the tube draw air out of the tube above the cab and pull it upward. Then, the steel brakes will secure the cab to the landing once the cab reaches the designated level. On the other hand, in the down direction, the turbines turn on for a brief second, lifting the cab off the brakes. When the turbines turn off, the cab drifts down slowly and quietly. And the steel brakes will engage again when the cab reaches the designated level.

This kind of elevator use a clear polycarbonate tube as the shaft, providing passengers with a view and creating an air-tight duct for the elevator. Besides, since these elevators lack hydraulics, the installation can be completed in as little as two days while requires very little maintenance, and their operation is simple.

Generally, these elevators are ideal for existing homes due to their compact design. It is no need to excavate pit and hoist way when installing them, and the reliability and safety of vacuum elevators are outstanding. It is virtually impossible to get stuck between floors or freefall.

There are various safety controls in an elevator, such as alarm system, emergency ventilation, and door safety switches. The cab come with a telephone base mount and wiring for the cab to the vacuum elevator controller which is located in the pump box above the cylinder. With such system, once a sudden power outage occurs, the cab will automatically descends to the ground floor at slower normal speed because there is no air being inducted into the upper chamber.

Commonly, the standard color for vacuum elevators is grey, while it can be upgraded as an choice to light grey or white. The polycarbonate are made of plexiglass and tinted dark and the doors are clear.

Although the prices of vacuum Panoramic Elevator depends on the location and varies rely on the number of level served, its costs are generally less than traditional elevators. Because extensive modification to the home are not needed and no hoist way and pit is required.

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