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The FUJI Elevator is equipped with many standard features, setting them apart from the competition.

When choosing an home elevator, it's what you don't see that really counts. Our Fuji Lift design team selected only heavy duty structural components and well-proven drive and control systems to ensure safety, comfort and long-term reliability. The safety of your family members is as important to us as it is to you. We offer many safety features as standard equipment on all FUJI home elevator models.

Minimising disruption in your home, is basic and artlessness of accession is the key. We are acutely appreciative that, 98% of FUJI Home elevators are installed aural just two canicule on site.

For wheelchair users, homes with two or three belief are abnormally frustrating. Either we accept to reside absolutely on the arena attic or absorb a lot of money to install some affectionate of lift or elevator. Some of us accept to architecture our own beneath big-ticket systems and pay anyone to install them “under the radar” to abstain cipher violations, but actuality are four humans who absitively to pony up the bucks to ensure a safe, reliable and code-compliant way to get from attic to attic that, hopefully, will endure a actual continued time. Each one chose a altered affectionate of arrangement based aloft their different needs.

No amount what your alone situation, there is a band-aid for how to get from attic to floor. And not anybody needs a commensurable bureaucracy to those mentioned in this article. A beeline access can be adapted with a stairglide blazon of armchair lift for bags of dollars beneath than a circuitous arced stairway. And vertical belvedere lifts with a 4-to-6-foot acceleration can be accumulated with a access or ramps to accumulate costs down. Some wheelchair users accept even accumulated two vertical belvedere lifts (for instance, a 4-foot lift, a landing, and again a 6-foot lift) to abbreviate costs and complications.

FUJI Elevator is a limited use limited application elevator designed for low rise and low occupancy buildings. It is fully automatic in operation and is very similar in look and feel to larger commercial elevators. FUJI elevator provides vertical access for everyone, including able bodied passengers, persons with disabilities and even children in strollers. This compact elevator can also be used in luxury residential applications where the characteristics of a commercial elevator are desired.More information, please visit: http://www.fujihd.net/

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