How to Maintaining Your Home lift


Platform lifts are extremely beneficial to any professional or industrial environment, offering mobility solutions to all members of staff and visitors. Not only do they allow easy access to all areas of the building, they also assist with the transportation of large or heavy goods, or things that cannot be passed up on a flight of stairs.

All these customisable features mean you can choose a look that compliments your home interior. It can either blend in or stand out in the right way. Lifts can also assist with transporting goods such as suitcases, prams, vacuum cleaners and shopping bags between floors – making life a whole lot easier. FUJI Home prides itself on providing the very best in products and services. Instillation of domestic lifts is surprisingly smooth and non-disruptive – we are fully understanding of the fact that no one wants their home to become a building site.

It can sometimes be difficult to establish what issues can be dealt with your own maintenance, and when you need to call in the professionals. Lift owners that find themselves in a situation, for example, when buttons have broken or fallen off, it would only be appropriate to contact your lift manufacturer. If the lift performance is slower, or you feel like something has changed in the way that the lift operates, then it would be necessary for the engineers or manufacturer to come and investigate.

Maintenance, such as cleaning the floor regularly can easily be carried out by individuals – this will ensure the floor isn’t dirty or slippery, posing a safety hazard – and if you have invested in an external platform lift then take an optional canopy to protect it from the weather and early ageing. Of course, if you want to make sure that your lift maintenance is really tip-top, it would be worth investing in a service package, available from your lift supplier.

Our extensive experience, in the supply and installation of lifts, in many different types of commercial environments, means that we understand the customers’ needs. Before any installation, we familiarise ourselves with the areas in which you work and the specific requirements of your clients. Installation of any lift is quick and smooth, carried out by FUJI professionals with minimal disruption.

The quality of FUJI products is backed up by exceptional customers service, which begins the moment you make an enquiry and lasts the lifetime of your Home Lift. Maintaining your lift, is something FUJI feel particularly passionate about, once they have installed one of the products, as the service needs to last.

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