The Operating Principle of Hydraulic Elevators


Obviously, Elevator are widely used in our lives, but do you know their operating principle? If not, then you have to read the followings, because this article will briefly introduce the operating principle of hydraulically powered elevators.

Generally speaking, the hydraulic system of the elevator consists tow main parts, the cylinder and the fluid-pumping system. And the fluid-pumping system is not as complicated to understand as someone would think. It consists of a few main parts that work together to power the cylinder. In this section of the system are the tank, the pump, and a valve. The tank house hydraulic fluid, which will help keep everything lubricated correctly. A pump pushes this fluid through a pipe or other type of tubing towards the cylinder pushing the piston and the cab up to the correct floor. The valve is only engaged when the cab is coming back down. Its job is to slowly release the hydraulic fluid back into the tank where it came from, thus allowing the cab to come down to the desired floor.

On the other hand, the cylinder is easy to understand as well. It consists of the cylinder, the piston, and the fluid reservoir. The cylinder is what houses the piston, and the piston is the part where the elevator can sits on. It is responsible for pushing the cab up or lowering it to the correct floor with the help of the hydraulic fluid. The reservoir keeps the piston nice and lubricated, allowing for easy movement. However, if it is not lubricated well, the metal-on-metal contact can damage the integrity of the piston.

A little bit of electricity is also crucial in knowing how the elevator stops at the correct floor. Whenever someone pushes the button for a certain floor, electricity powers everything that is happening in the hydraulic system. Once the cab is nearing the floor that is desired, an electric code is sent to the hydraulic pump system to slow down (which is the creeping sensation that the passengers feel as they are approaching their floor) and eventually shut off. Another electric signal lets the doors know that it is time to open, and out step the passengers.

Accompanied with electricity, the hydraulic system can run the elevator and get everyone to his or her destination. With the simple workings of a hydraulically powered lift, it is extremely easy for the repair team at a reputable company to diagnose any malfunctions that may be occurring. With the amount of knowledge and training they have received, the expert teams that work on these types of lifts are also extremely capable at fixing any of the problems they detect.

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