Maintaining Your Elevator


Ongoing maintenance is a key part of making sure that your lift remains in great condition and is an asset to an office or commercial space. Regular maintenance not only ensures that the elevator operates safely and efficiently but can also keep long term costs down by reducing the need for replacements and unforeseen repairs, as well as prolonging the life of the Fuji Lift.

It’s important that everyone using a lift understands how to operate it safely – if the proper procedures are not followed then this may damage the lift itself, as well as posing a risk to those using it. Make sure that all staff are trained on how to safely operate the lift and what to do should an emergency arise, for example if someone is stuck in the lift.

Every lift is different – you may be using yours sporadically or it could be handling constant traffic throughout the day, every day. There are service and maintenance packages available for all sorts of elevator usage, designed to focus on the most likely issues given your specific use pattern and to offer a general check of the lift to identify and deal with issues early and keep mechanisms in good working order. Choose from a comprehensive maintenance package that includes all call outs, or a scaled down service plan with options to pay for visits, as and when required.

If the lift you accept installed is acute to the circadian operation of your business again there’s annihilation added arresting than down time due to a abridgement of specialist additional parts. It’s important to accept area to antecedent locations should your lift crave them as allotment of advancing maintenance, or to actual a specific issue, or backpack out a repair. FUji holds bags of spares in banal and offers next day accumulation on new parts. The aggregation is aswell accessible to accommodate advice on catchy locations blueprint and to advance you through the latest aldermanic requirements.

Fuji is at the beginning of the industry, an able in the supply, installation, aliment and advancing adjustment of belvedere lifts for bartering environments. We accept apparent how our lifts can badly adapt the accessibility of a business premises, accouterment simple admission amid floors, as able-bodied as a safer and added controlled way to move abundant endless or ample containers amid one attic and addition for all appointment staff. From simple belvedere lifts to the berth lift, with its avant-garde one blow operational system, all Gartec lifts accept a abbreviate and simple accession and a baby brand that makes them actual adorable for businesses searching to addition accessibility after huge structural change and expense.

Whether we install a lift in your home, or accommodate a band-aid in a accessible building, Fuji has just one key aim- it’s all about authoritative activity easier. Contact FUji today to enquire about a advancement band-aid to clothing your needs.

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