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We help customers determine which Fuji Lift system is most appropriate for them, install the system, and then stand behind the system by conducting scheduled preventative maintenance that will keep your elevators operating at peak performance. Should any elevator require immediate servicing, whether installed by Bermuda Elevator Systems Limited or not, our service team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When you’re one of a kind, creating a better door system that matches an architect’s vision is built into the process. We are the only integrated door system provider that uses parts and components designed and engineered to work together as a unified whole. Our patented door systems require fewer parts, provide unmatched security, and can withstand up to 5 million use cycles, which reduces maintenance overhead and lowers overall costs.

FUJI’s latest offering in its extensive repertoire of elevator and escalator technologies such as TWIN and ACCEL designed to deal with the challenges of urbanization. The advancements afforded by MULTI stand to impact a new era for cities by decreasing elevator wait times for inhabitants to 15-30 seconds, adding rentable space by decreasing the elevator footprint by up to 50 percent and conserving energy use within buildings.

FUJI is a battleground addition in the elevator industry, accouterment a new and able carriage band-aid for mid- and high-rise barrio while acutely transforming how humans move central buildings. MULTI incorporates technology from alluring levitation, a busline arrangement in which trains coast aloft a track, accurate by alluring abhorrence and propelled by a beeline motor. When activated to elevator cabins, it enables them to move in shafts in the aforementioned way trains move in abuse systems, with assorted cabins per shaft and vertical as able-bodied as accumbent movements.

The ancestor elevator uses beeline motors instead of ropes, acceptance for accumbent movement. This architecture enables Multi to accomplish as a “vertical busline system”, according to its creators.

To atone for the abridgement of cables, the technology employs a multi-level anchor arrangement and anterior power, which transfers from shaft to cabin. Multi requires abate shafts than accepted elevators, and its designers accept said that it can access a building’s accessible breadth by up to a quarter.

Total Door systems are engineered to have few moving parts and few service components; and they offer simple installation without the need for field assembly. The result? A cost-effective solution for comprehensive fire and smoke protection that maintains the integrity of the architect’s design.

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