Pneumatic Elevator Brings A Fantastic Looking to the Building


As far as we know, pneumatic China Elevator has a fantastic looking which looks like a transparent tube. With this kind of equipment, you and your family can enjoy the travel of being transported to the different floors of your residential buildings in these high-tech tubes that do not need cables, pulleys, or pistons. In general, there would be no visible material supporting the cab of this vacuum elevator because it is actually powered by air. Plastic and aluminum are used because minimizing the weight is vital in the pneumatic elevator where the difference in air pressure between the top and bottom of the can is responsible for lifting it or bringing it down.

Generally speaking, the basic principle in the design of the pneumatic elevator is that a long transparent tube contains the cylindrical elevator car with a diameter that is slightly smaller than that of the bigger tube. The floor and ceiling of the elevator car are airtight and a vacuum pump is allowed to suck the air out of the top of the long tube. This will cause a vacuum form at the top of the tube. The air pressure underneath the floor of the car will then slowly push it up as the difference in air pressure between the top and bottom increases. To lower the car, on the other hand, will turn off the vacuum pump. As air returns to the vacuum space, the difference in the air pressure decreases and the elevator gradually goes down. With this system, it can be seen that there is no chance for the car to drop abruptly.

Compared to the usual residential elevators, this kind of particular design brings various benefits include easy to maintain, operate, and install. Besides, there is no need to dig a pit and hoist way so that these are appropriate for homes that have already been constructed. Well, another vital advantage of this personal elevator which may not be surpassed by other designs is the safety it provides. As mentioned above, this kind of elevator is powered by air, it is impossible for the car to go into free fall. In addition, if a power failure occurs, the car cannot drop suddenly but slowly drops to the bottom as the air gradually returns to the vacuum space.

What is more, the particular design gives a futuristic appearance to your building. Friends will surely be amazed by its look and this will also increase the market price of your home. This market value will be further enhanced when buyers learn about its inherent safety features. Additionally, the electric consumption of this elevator is much less then conventional ones, because it does not require electric power to bring down the car and requires less power to go up.

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