Advantages of Fuji Home Lift


As far as we know, Home Lift are being installed in homes all over the world. They not only offer convenience in our daily life, but also provide the elderly and physically challenged with a mobility solution when it comes to moving between floors. What is more, the value of homes with this mobility device has gone up manifold.

Residential home elevators were formerly considered a luxury, but they are now fast becoming an integral part of many residences. Generally, they owe their popularity to the convenience they offer the elderly and mobility impaired persons, and also to the value that they can add to a home.

In a word, home elevators allow safe and comfortable access to different floor levels and help those with mobility problems the freedom to move around without having to depend on others. Well, apart form delivering people floor-to-floor, residential elevators also can be used to move furniture, laundry, groceries, seasonal items and several other goods between floors. All in all, installing compact and elegant models of indoor home elevators ensures benefits such as prevents the slips and falls that can occur on stairs, enhances the value of your property, helps to move heavy objects and grocery easily from floor-to floor, saves time, adds style to a residence, and so on.

On the other hand, to ensure smooth, comfortable and safe travel, elevators for homes are integrated with easy-to-use controls and top-quality safety options. Commonly, almost all elevators are equipped with the following safety measures: fully automatic operation, digital display in car operating panel, non-skid platform, door interlocks, emergency stop button, manual emergency lowering button, lockable control panel, emergency alarm and light, in-cab telephone system, slack chain safety device, continuous pressure buttons, open door sensor, key lock to prevent unauthorized access, etc.

Besides, modern elevators have highly sensitive under-panel obstruction sensors that help to halt the lift whenever an obstacle blocks its movement path. This protects the user from injuries and lift from damage. They also come with a pressure relief valve to prevent platform overload.

With the development of technology, nowadays, indoor elevators are available in a wide range of stylish designs, cabin and wall panel finishes, car sizes, technical specifications and features, and can even be customized to blend with your home's decor. They are now no longer a luxury but a necessity in our daily life.

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