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In this paper, we deal with a symmetrical type three-mass resonant system like an elevator system. First, the block diagram of the symmetrical type three-mass resonant system is converted into a form with two types of vibration blocks, it is found that there is a vibration which can't be observed from motor speed when the parameters become a certain condition. We employ the PID-controller and attach dampers to simple-rods that is a kind of flexible shafts. We can raise response frequency to anti-resonant frequency and determine arbitrary damping characteristics of the system by the PID-controller. The vibration which can't be observed on the motor side is suppressed by attaching dampers to simple-rods.

Beyond emergency or standby systems, there are two other systems that can be applied as generator power sources. Optional standby systems (Article 702) consist of loads that do not affect life safety but would result in unacceptable financial or operational losses to a facility. Typical loads could include data processing, communication systems, refrigeration, selected HVAC loads, and manufacturing or critical industrial processes. Second, the 2008 version of the NEC added a new section on COPS (Article 708). These are systems, operations, or facilities designated by local, state, or federal government as “mission critical.” Examples can include police or fire stations or other facilities for reasons of public safety, national security, or business continuity. This new section has some notable requirements for engineering practices like commissioning, which have long been practiced in data centers and other previously unclassified “mission critical” facilities.

In a lot of electrical arrangement sizing, appeal or assortment is activated to the electrical loads. However, in both emergency and accurately appropriate standby systems the absolute amount have to absolutely applied, after appeal factors. This aswell includes the starting currents of motors on emergency systems. This is decidedly important with endless like blaze pumps. Optional standby systems may use amount demands affected application NEC or added methods

It is awful acclaim that a architect allocation affairs be acclimated if artful loads. Inductive loads, such as motors and transformers, present appropriate apropos with inrush. Transformers, in particular, are disregarded in this attention if getting activated by a generator. Electronic or nonlinear endless aswell present issues with accord and voltage regulation. It is not aberrant for abstracts centers to present arch ability factor, which presents problems with voltage regulation.

Emergency and legally required standby generator power distribution systems also are required under the NEC to be selectively coordinated. This will require a protective device coordination study, looking at fault levels, and overcurrent devices to ensure that faults are isolated by opening the protective device nearest the fault, allowing the rest of the system to function. Optional standby systems are not required to be selectively coordinated. Another notable protection requirement is that emergency and legally required standby power Fuji Lift systems are not to have ground fault protection, but rather ground fault alarms.

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