How to Survive Yourself from A Stuck Passenger Lift


Being stuck in a Passenger Elevator, also known as an passenger elevator, can sometimes be scary, especially if you are a fan of those kinds of movies which have a lot of elevator tragedies. Even though being stuck in an elevator in real life is not like in the movies, it is still a vital thing to know how to survive if it ever happens to you.

Generally, you must remain calm and do not panic once find yourself stuck in a lift. You may have heard this a lot of times and it is true that panicking will do you no good. It will cause you to not be able to think clearly and will not make your situation better. Remain calm and remember that this is reality and not a film, and a modern passenger lift is not likely to come crashing down, even if the cables snap.

If it is dark, find a light source. Modern phones can usually be used to for this purpose. And remember never try to escape through the hatches in the ceiling, because escaping this way would be extremely dangerous.

Close out any negative thoughts and think positive. Remember that you are still alive, and don't believe it when your mind tells you that the walls are closing in. They are not closing in, they will not close in, and you can still breathe. Just keep it in mind that elevators usually have cameras, so don't do anything which looks stupid and you will regret.

Besides, always remember to press each of the floor buttons one by one. Then, try the "doors open" button. If none of the buttons works, the lift is broken, and you need to let someone know about it.

Look through the gap between the doors of the lift. If you can see light between the doors, it indicates that the lift has stopped near a floor, and you should be able to shout for help and be released, as the doors can be opened with a key. However, do not try to force the doors open yourself. On the other hand, if you can't see light between the doors, the lift has stopped between floors, and no one will be able to let you out if you scream for help. Look for an emergency telephone. If there is no telephone, there should be an alarm button. Press this repeatedly. Eventually, someone should hear you and get help.

Also, check the time. If you have waited for more than half an hour and nobody has come to get you out, shout and bang the inside walls of the lift. Taking off your shoes and bang with that. If there are still people in the building, you must get their help before they leave for the night. While, if everyone has left the building, and no one is responding to you, you'll have to accept that you will be in the lift overnight. If this happens, stop shouting and banging, as this will only waste your energy. Make yourself as comfortable as possible, and get some sleep to save your energy. By morning, the building should be full again, and you can try to get some help then.

Call for help using either an alarm button located on the elevator's button panel or an emergency phone which should be built into the elevator and is usually concealed behind a door under the button panel. It is law in most countries for elevators to have an emergency phone. If none of these options are available, try the next step.

Before the building shuts down, see if your phone has any reception or internet. If you do have reception, call emergency services. Explain your situation and ask for help. Tell them the address of the building you are in and between which floors you are stuck. Well, if you have WiFi, contact a family member or friend. Tell them that you are in an elevator that has stopped working and ask them to contact emergency services and explain your situation to the police or fire department. Don't forget to tell them what the address is of the building and possibly which elevator you are stuck in. Now, just wait patiently.

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