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Passenger Elevator , as the name suggests, is meant only to carry people between floors.These elevators is normally very heavy in the range of 500 to 3000 Kgs. And these generally are of 2 types, the electric and the hydraulic. These are capable of reaching speeds of about 200-500ft/min. In buildings which are higher than ten floors, gearless elevators are often used which can also travel at similar speeds and those which are installed for more than ten floors can travel at speeds unto 2000 ft/min. These passenger elevators are suitable both for small buildings like homes and for huge buildings like office building. Usually, the residential elevators are slow and their carrying capacity is less but the passenger elevators that installed in huge buildings always have higher carrying capacity and are fast between floors.

If you are deciding to purchase a passenger elevator, you then must take the following five elements into consideration. Firstly, the speed. Speed matters not only the lift speed, but also the speed that the doors open. Secondly, the quality. Quality is the most important element that you need to think about, after all, elevators travel people from one floor to another, if the quality of the elevator is unqualified, hazards may occur. Thirdly, the security and backup features. Theses are necessary devices to prevent the elevator from falling suddenly. Fourthly, the indicator and load capacity of the elevator. And finally, the maintenance cost and service availability.

The insides of these elevators are well furnished and are built on the state-of-the-art technology. These elevator are very helpful for those who are physically challenged and for those along in years and have enough space to carry a wheelchair too in case one is bound to move in one.

Often, safety features include the interlocking door system, manual door hold, telephone, security camera, air conditioner, etc.. Well, some of the other security features in these elevators are fireman switch, emergency stop button, pit switch, interlock button, over speed button, motor over load protection etc.. What’s more, passenger elevators need far less maintenance when compared to those of other elevators. When well monitored, these elevators can run efficiently for a long time. Passenger elevators are also Eco-friendly and the consumption of electricity is very less. Recently, almost all manufacturers will supply passenger elevators with all of the security features installed.

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