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Elevators or lifts are nothing but a perfect modern alternative to staircase, even more luxurious. They come in various sizes and shapes that makes sure they can be an integral part of your building without compromising on the interior decoration. After a long tiring day, you certainly wouldn’t be interested in climbing a 3 storeys building or if there are elderly, handicapped people in your home, sometimes to go up and down between floors within your house can be very easily tiring, this is when a home elevator would be very useful.

Elevators generally use an electric motor or pump hydraulic system. Modern elevators consists of a cab, which can be of any size depending on how big or small you want them. There are different types of elevators that are used for different purposes, and the most popular ones are passenger elevators, home elevators, panoramic elevators and hospital elevators. They either use traction system which can be either geared or gearless and uses AC/DC motor, geared system can reach speeds up to 500ft per min whereas gearless system reaches speeds up to 2000ft per min, or use hydraulic system, which again have three different systems. The conventional hydraulic elevators, which uses hydraulic cylinder are commonly used in buildings which have 3-6 floors and have speeds of 150-200 ft per min. While holeless hydraulic elevators which uses two above ground hydraulic cylinders are mostly used in buildings which have less than 4 floors, they work out to be very cost effective as well. And thirdly the roped hydraulic elevators which uses a pair of above ground hydraulic cylinders plus rope, are used in buildings which have around 7-10 floors.

In order to ensure the safety of the passengers, most of the elevators or lifts nowadays have a numerous safety features, including emergency stop button, telephone system, manual lowering system, emergency lighting, smoke detector, in-cabin alarm, fire alarm, door interlock, etc.

These advanced safety features ensures that the ride between floors provide you the maxim safety without compromising on the ride comfort, speed and smoothness. These features are also designed to reduce the chance of an accident and help in quick evacuation in case of a mishap.

No matter how much one convinces to buy an elevator, kindly make sure to search the internet for more information regarding that product and also evaluate the costs involved while buying and after. Because one major factor will be its ease of installation and maintenance costs, get hold of a good installer and speak to him regarding the cost of maintenance as well. This will give you an overview of good or bad the Fuji Lift could be.

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