Commercial Elevator Installation Process


Nowadays, commercial elevators are in great demand in small scale and large scale industries, shopping malls, multiplexes, health-care centers, airports, hotels, metro stations, museums and parking garages. These add more convenience for the public. Commercial elevators are available in a wide range of models which vary in terms of design, range, speed, color and cab finish.

Commercial elevator installation is especially helpful for the aged and those with some kind of physical disability. Therefore, these devices need to be installed properly to ensure safety of the users. At present, there are several professional commercial elevator dealers to help you install elevators that ideally match the style, structure and design of your commercial settings.

Generally, before starting the installation process, the architects will visit your site to thoroughly study the structure and layout of the building. Because they need to make sure that all specifications, dimensions and design elements will fairly meet the new elevator installation.

Once the building configuration is studied completely, the architects start installing the required elevators within no time. They have the proficiency to successfully carry out the installation of new commercial elevators. Architects will also make sure that the installation work be completed on time and within budget. After installation, the engineers will check whether the elevator is working properly or not. Recently, most manufacturers provide systematic repair and maintenance services for their clients, so make sure that your supplier will provide this service to you before purchasing.

Normally, commercial elevator installation takes 10-15 days. For the installation of an elevator, a machine room which is of dimension 5'X 5' is required. The room must have an elevator power and a functional telephone jack. In order to keep your new elevator working flawlessly, you are provided with a trained technician.

In addition, the installation cost of commercial elevator largely depends on the type of elevator you are installing. The type of design, finish and speed you choose and the time taken to install the elevators are the other factors that affect the overall commercial Elevator Manufacturer installation cost.

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