Escalator Safety Rules for Children


It seems that no matter how cautious parents are, children are prone to getting minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises while playing. However, most of the serious accidents actually are preventable if proper supervision and safety measures are taken.

For example, parents should be especially watchful of children when they are around heavy machinery. Escalators are so common today that many of us don't think twice about their safety, but these pieces of machinery can be risky, especially for children. Knowing the potential dangers of escalators can help keep your children safe from harm.

When taking your child on an escalator in an airport, shopping mall, office building, or elsewhere, consider the following possible dangers. And you may follow the given methods to protect your children from being injured.

1. Fingers can be easily smashed along the side or underside of the moving handrail. So keep hands on top of the handrail and don't hang your hands or arms over the side.

2. Watch for escalators where the top of the handrail comes close to the ceiling or wall. With such designs, children looking out over the edge could bump their head or could get caught between the escalator edge and ceiling. So you’d better remind your child ahead before the escalator reaches these places.

3. Keep loose hair and clothing away from the moving parts of the escalator where it can easily get caught in the machinery.

4. Don't let your children sit on the escalator handrail. They may fall over causing serious injury. This is really important.

5. With young children in particular, point out the edge of the escalator where the moving steps run under the floor. Make sure they step over this edge to avoid tripping, or help them across.

Generally, if you always keep a watchful eye on your children, they will not be injured on a escalator from Escalator Company . Nevertheless, sometimes even with these precautions, accidents can happen on escalators to both children and adults alike. If you or your children have been injured because of a malfunction, a design flaw, or other escalator problem, someone may be liable for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer can help you find out who is responsible for the accident and hold them legally accountable. Your family may be entitled to compensation for injuries and damages caused by the accident.

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