Panoramic Elevator - Aesthetic and Useful


Most people are familiar with the lifts and elevators that we see every day located in various types of buildings. Using a passenger lift or goods lift is commonplace and most public buildings now have them to comply fully with a range of access and disability legislation. There are however, increasing numbers of panoramic or observation lifts being developed and used.

Panoramic elevators are actually a type of passenger elevator. They are often located on the outside of a building and usually travel the length of the structure in a vertical manner. These types of lifts are often made from glass and steel allowing the observation part of the elevation journey and experience. In a large city, these observation elevators can become tourist destinations themselves for sight seers. Often with 360 degree views, panoramic elevators on the side of tall buildings offer wonderful observations of a location. Besides, not only do these passenger elevators offer great observation points, they can also greatly enhance the visual impact of a building and its architecture.

Recently, architects are usually keen to design an observation elevator which uses the latest in technological advances and design aesthetics. Often talking points in themselves, these elevators can attract a range of visitors to a building and can create an amazing journey to the riders.

Generally, panoramic elevators need to be made comply with the highest of standards and the passenger safety standards. Safety features such as anti-slip flooring, handrails and so on need to be installed inside the elevator as well.

Here at Fuji Lift we can service a range of different types of lifts or elevators to ensure that they are running at the safest levels achievable. With a record of the highest achievement in elevator safety testing, we can supply the information and services to ensure the elevator complies with all safety regulations to operate within the law.

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