Panoramic Elevator - A Sound Investment


Are you debating between a traditional or a panoramic elevator? Out of these two, panoramic elevators add functionality and style to a home. They become the center of attention and a work of art, with their clean panels offer 360 degree views of your home.

These clear acrylic mobility systems offer gorgeous panoramic views. They are also extremely practical, providing enough space for a wheelchair that carries a disabled family member from floor to floor, avoiding fights of stairs.

These contemporary elevators come in a variety of models. One cylindrical elevator operates on a winding drum system that utilizes two aircraft cable to safely and quietly move up to 830 pounds at a comfortable 30 feet per minute. It can be installed in applications of two to five stops with a 14 square foot cab that accommodates wheelchairs. The fully clear panels offer a dramatic, unobstructed view of your home.

Another model features a hoistway and cab with no machine room required. The pit and hoistway do not need to be created out of existing space, so the elevator can be attached to a balcony or pass through a hole cut out of the floor.This elevator requires minimal installation and preparation.

These types of compact elevators can feature rounded or square cars operating with all types of elevator systems, including hydraulic lift, winding drum, and machine traction drive mechanisms.

Typically, a panoramic elevator consists of a basic metal frame with glass-like acrylic panels. The walls of the elevator and the hoistway are transparent from the glass, but the floor can be standard materials. Panoramic elevators can also feature a birdcage style metal frame that isn't made out of glass.

Because of their minimalist appearance, these elevators blend in with the decoration and style of your home and accentuate it by providing magnificent views of your home's interior.

In addition, contrary to popular belief, installing a panoramic elevator in your home actually isn't nearly as expensive as you think. Look online for Elevator Manufacturer , who will work with you and your contractor to design a panoramic elevator for your home that meets building codes and can be an affordable way to improve mobility for family members and provide them with a remarkable way to move from floor to floor. Installing a panoramic elevator in your home also increases its resale value, so it is a sound investment.

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