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While elevators were used for many thousands of years, the first Passenger Elevator was not invented until the middle of the nineteenth century. Prior to this the elevators were really dumbwaiters. The usually consisted of a simple rope hoist system. These dumbwaiters were powered by people, animals, or water.

At some time or another every one of us will have the need to use a lift. The passenger lift has allowed buildings to move upwards instead of being limited at a certain number of storeys, after all there are only a certain amount of flights of stairs you can climb to reach your humble abode. The passenger lift has allowed construction to go up as there is much more space available in the air than on the ground these days with an ever increasing population. Not only has it allowed for development of multi-storey offices, shopping centres and homes it also means that less able bodied people are not restricted in where they are able to go.

The insides of these elevators are well furnished and are built on the state-of-the-art technology. These elevator are very helpful for those who are physically challenged and for those along in years and have enough space to carry a wheelchair too in case one is bound to move in one. The safety features are- the interlocking door system, manual door hold, telephone, security camera, Air conditioner and many more... These elevator have lower waiting time and downtime. Minimum brake down calls are some of the assurances if these elevators. Passenger elevators need far less maintenance when compared to those of other elevators.

Passenger lifts are not a new invention by any means but had they not been developed into what they are today our whole domestic and commercial landscape would have been different. Passenger lifts have been around since the Egyptian times and the Romans also utilised them, it is believed that there was some form of lift system in the Coliseum, however, the first recorded passenger lift was in the Palace of Versailles. The ancient lifts were powered by man or water and usually used a hoist based system.

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