Evaluating the Performance of Elevator Companies


Hiring an Elevator Company to service the equipment in your building is an important job that should only be left up to the best people. There are ways that you can measure the performance of the maintenance provider that you have hired to do the work in your building. Let us look at that now.

The majority of maintenance companies for elevators and related equipment track the number of service calls that they receive on an annual basis. A service company that is very good will have on their portfolio less than two calls a year. An average business of this sort will aim for in the range of three to four calls during a calendar year. While this level of elevator reliability is often hoped for, it is not always achieved. There is a wide variation in the service performance that can be revealed from one business to another.

Generally, the best companies around do their best to discover the source of the malfunction and do not just reset the elevator and see if the problem will happen all over again. This is one useful means of measuring the performance of the elevator company that interests you.

Another viable measure of performance is the number of chargeable calls that come in annually. The kind of building that an elevator company works in is one of the factors that influence the calls that come in. For instance, a college residence will have a greater level of elevator abuse than would a retirement home and as a result, more chargeable service calls.

Every service company that repairs moving equipment has its own billing philosophy and this is another variable factor. Not every maintenance provider has the same philosophy. When considering the number of chargeable service calls consider the philosophy that a provider adheres to. There are some businesses that charge for every call made to them, regardless of the cause for the call. For others it is all about what is covered in the contract.

To measure the performance of an elevator company, you also need to think about cost. Find out what the typical cost of a service call is. With a good service company, approximately 60 to 90 percent of the calls are able to be fixed within an hour, or very close to that. Many businesses, however, have a minimum billing time that provides for a window of two to three hours. Besides, depending on what problems you are experiencing, the costs can go higher or can stay at a low rate.

There is the rate for the call and there also is traveling time charges and expenses to think about. Find out what they are for your area before you use that company. Also find out about mileage and fuel surcharges.

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