Can Elevator Maintenance Prevent Elevator Accidents


Most modern elevators are built to be safe, durable and comfortable. However, it is the responsibility of the building owner or facilities maintenance technician to see to that the system functions smoothly and is maintained properly. Failure to do so can lead to accidents, non-compliance issues and even serious legal issues. If the elevators are improperly maintained, the owners can be subject to elevator accident liability. Building owners can make use of elevator maintenance services offered by the installer to see that their system works without any hitches.

As a rule, only certified mechanics can perform elevator inspections. The building owner or facilities maintenance technician should inspect the system on a regular basis to ensure that it operates smoothly and safely. Snow removal operations have to be performed appropriately and systematically on a timely basis. When cleaning the elevator, it is important to ensure that water does not come to contact with the elevator equipment.

If the following problems are noticed, it’s time to call in the maintenance service provider: increase in time waiting for the elevator, the platform of elevator is not level with the floor when the door opens, the elevator door not opening fully at the destination floor, unusual noises, and overheating.

The extent of maintenance required would vary with the drive system. For example, in the case of hydraulic elevators, the hydraulic fluid would have to be changed regularly based on usage.

Here are some of the preventive maintenance checks carried out to help building owners to avoid unwanted issues with their elevator:

1. Assessment

2. Repair

3. Correction of wiring issues

4. Checking of bolts and safety devices

5. Adjustment

6. Replacement of parts that are not working properly

7. Lubrication and greasing

8. Checking for cracks, creaks or other noises, or vibration

The gears and the doors are checked for wear and tear. The turbines and the brake system are inspected which is crucial for safe operation. Leveling, movement, and door function are also checked and set right if any problems are found.

Reliable elevator companies offer maintenance services for accessibility devices. Their team of certified mechanics can ensure timely and efficient inspections to help building owners maintain elevators in excellent working condition. Generally, a professional elevator inspection company would offer modernization surveys, test performing or witnessing, maintenance surveys, code-evaluations, on-site inspections, specification development, annual/periodic inspections, violation resurveys, maintenance audits, and reviews for new installations.

In a word, regular and timely Buy Elevatormaintenance can effectively prevent elevator accident and ensure users a safe ride.

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