How to Safely Escape from The Lifts


If possible, press the "door open" button. Sometimes, this button can just get jammed, and if you press it, it'll open the lift right up. You may be laughing, but you'd be surprised by how many people call for help to escape a stranded lift only to find that they just have to press the "door open" button again. You can also try the "door close" button, which may have gotten jammed as well. Besides, it is necessary to try pressing the button of a floor below where the Fuji Lift is currently resting.

On the other hand, if you can't call for help, try to get the attention of the people outside the lift. If you've tried the call button or tried calling for help and have gotten no answer, then your next bet can be to try to shout or call for help. You can try to bang on the door of the lift with shoes or other objects and yell to alert passersby. Depending on the sound transmittance of the door, tapping firmly with a key on the door may make a loud sound throughout the elevator shaft. Shouting can help alert people who are outside the lift to your situation, but you should know that shouting or yelling excessively can also cause you to panic more, so make sure you try to stay reasonably calm when you are calling for help.

Well, if you are not in an extreme life-or-death situation, just wait it out. In a best case scenario, people will notice the lift is not working in minutes and you'll be out in no time. People frequently use the lifts and people in the building, especially building personnel, should quickly notice that something is off. Though shouting for help can also help, if it hasn't gotten you anywhere after a while, it's better to stop and wait. And if you've successfully made contact with emergency services, just remember that they'll be on their way as quickly as possible, because entrapment calls are taken seriously and you could be freed in thirty minutes or less.

Though it may be hard to create ice breakers or conversation starters when you're trapped in a lift with a bunch of strangers, just keep the conversation going. Have people talk about who they are, what they do, where they were going, how many children they have, or really anything at all to keep the conversation going. Silence is much more likely to make people panic or to drop into despair. Do all the talking, if you have to, making sure to stick to the lighthearted topics.

If you're by yourself, waiting may be a little more difficult, but try to occupy yourself. If you have a magazine or book on hand, consider yourself lucky. Don't waste your phone power by playing with your phone. Instead, try to think of ordinary things to calm yourself down, such as making a list of all of the things you did today, or trying to remember everything you had for dinner for the last week. Stay optimistic by thinking of all of the things you have to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.

Most importantly, pull or push the "stop" button to ensure the lift doesn't move while you're attempting to crawl out.

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