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Every elevator owner or society should always ensure that the appropriate persons located on the premises are trained in the procedures to be followed to release the trapped passengers . Every elevator manufacturer shall help you in this training. As a general rule, a person alone in a building should not use a elevator, but, where this is unavoidable, it is strongly recommended that a loud siren or telephone is provided in the elevator car. Never make the passengers inside the elevator get panicky, and ensure that the rescue will soon in place. Call for your maintenance contractor at the earliest and mention about the people stranded inside the elevator.

You know, every mechanical / electrical part has its own life. The wear and tear makes it unsafe and unreliable for further usage. It will perform its duties but could fail at any time. Hence, when your elevator maintenance contractor recommends some small or major repairs, follow them to ensure that the elevator is operated with all its safety. If any major repairs have to be done, call for the reputed and experienced companies to examine the elevator and decide on what exactly has been worn out.

In addition, check for all landing doors and car doors, they should not be open while the elevator is in motion. The elevator should stop to the exact level of landing in case of high speed and in case of single speed elevator it will either stop above or below the level depending upon the condition by not more than 2 to 3 inches up or down. Check for alarm device, and notice whether the cabin fan and light in your elevator work.

Finally, there are some tips you should keep in mind no matter you are a building/elevator owner or a user.

1. Always avoid frequent power failure, and ask your maintenance contractor to provide emergency battery back up light and siren.

2. Never overload the elevator beyond its capacity as mentioned in your elevator.

3. Always display the name and telephone number of the maintenance contractor in your elevator.

4. Never allow the children to play with the elevator, because this may cause an accident.

5. Never allow the occupants to smoke inside the elevator, as this may cause a fire and may suffocate the fellow passengers.

6. Always have a main power supply switch on the ground floor, which could be easily operated and known to all the daily users.

7. Avoid carrying any hazardous material in elevators. Always display a copy of license in your elevator cabin.

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