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Elevators are an integral part of every building and maintaining them properly is crucial for safety. To ensure that every elevator is of good mechanical construction and adequate strength, it should be properly maintained by an authorized company and thoroughly examined by a competent person of the same company.

Whom should you ask to carry out the thorough examination of your elevator and the maintenance of your elevator?

Well, only trust those who are into the maintenance business with adequate knowledge and have experience of maintaining elevators. Today, many companies have developed short cuts to get your maintenance contract but are not trustworthy . Thus, before you sign for the maintenance contract or allow the company's person to do the thorough examination of your elevator, check for the following:

1. The company's profile.

2. The company's record of previously maintained elevators and their existing clients

3. The company's inventory for spares.

4. The company's manpower and the mode of transportation of their service man.

5. The company's network for service, and whether the company has a valid license to maintain the elevators.

Generally, the frequency at which an elevator should be serviced is usually once a month. Every maintenance contractor or company should have its own programme for 12 months, and a stage-wise service should be done. But if the primary usage is high, then the programme has to be re-scheduled as per the condition. The environmental conditions are also important when we discuss service schedule.

Despite all the safety checks and services, your elevator could still break down either because of technical failure, misuse, power supply, failure of Fujihd Elevator components and so on. You should call your maintenance contractor and place the complaint and the nature of failure so that it helps the maintenance contractor to judge the problem or reason for failure and the time is saved to restart the elevator. However, never allow any unauthorized person to enter your machine room during any period, this will always ensure your safety, and during break down may avoid an accident.

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