Passenger Elevator Tables


Passenger elevator tables, also called scissor elevator, platform elevator and elevator tables have a simple use - to raise or lower a platform. They make overhead tasks safer and more effective as well as helping to improve proper location of materials which helps avoid work related injuries. These tables are composed of three basic components, a platform, scissor legs and a lower frame assembly.
It allow operators to elevator large amounts of weight easily and safely, reducing the risk of workplace injury. Platform elevator help reduce incidents of musculoskeletal disorders by positioning work and objects at a suitable height for operators. This simple concept is safe and reliable, which is why it is widely used in a number of different industries, including:

1. Wood working

2. Metal working

3. Paper, printing and publishing

4. Warehousing and distribution

5. Light assembly

6. Heavy machinery and transportation

elevator Tables are designed and built for a wide variety of uses and different industrial processes, including:

1. Wheelchair elevator - although not designed for passenger use, it can be modified with special safety features and precautions to easily elevator individuals in wheel chairs

2. Work positioning in assembly operations and manufacturing

3. Load positioning (when integrated into conveyor systems)

4. Materials position in machine feeding applications

5. Pallet loading and unloading (usually for cartons of finished or unfinished goods)

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