How to Use Your Elevator Is Safely


While fuji elevator are extremely safe machines, with plenty of back-up mechanisms to prevent accidents, residential buildings must adhere to a regular maintenance and inspection schedule mandated by law and comply with a list of requirements that range from posting no smoking signs in elevators to reporting accidents to the New York City Department of Buildings. Substantial fines are levied for violations.

Elevators must comply with the safety codes of the  National Standards Institute, which protect passengers from accidents. For example, passenger elevators must have steel doors to withstand fire. The door must close before the car moves, and it cannot be opened if the car stops between floors. If there are too many people in the elevator, the motor shuts off. A speed governor stops the car if it is going too fast. Also, the doors should not close if passengers are going in or out.

Keeping a residential building's elevator system in good working order takes constant vigilance. the building superintendent as the first line of defense in keeping an elevator running smoothly.

Now let's follow elevator safety tips to help you enjoy your life:

When you approach the elevator:

    Know your destination. Push the UP or DOWN button for the direction you want to go.
    Stand aside for exiting passengers.
    Wait for the next car if the elevator is full.
    Do not try to stop a closing door with anything including hands, feet, canes, etc. Wait for the next elevator.
    Take the stairs if there is a fire in the building.

When riding on an elevator:

    Stand back from the doors.
    Hold onto the handrail if one is available.
    Pay attention to the floor indicators.
    If the doors do not open when the elevator stops, push the Door Open button.

When you enter and leave the elevator:

    Watch your step, and enter and exit carefully.
    Hold children and pets firmly.
    Stand clear of the doors, and keep clothes and carry-ons away from the opening.
    Push and hold the Door Open button if doors need to be held open, or ask someone to push the button for you.

What someone should do when an elevator stops between floors:

    Utilize the alarm button and wait for assistance.
    If a phone is available, follow instructions to summon help.
    Remain patient. There is plenty of air and the interior of the elevator is designed for passenger safety.

What someone should NOT do when an elevator stops between floors:

    Do not attempt to force open the doors.
    Do not attempt to leave the elevator. The elevator hatch is designed for professional personnel who will provide assistance from the outside of the elevator cab.

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