The Type and Specifications You Should to Know


Choose the right elevator making our lives more comfortable, so before you buy you should know some information elevator.

Determine the type of elevator

Buildings begin planning period, it should be clear use of the building, because the building by hotels, restaurants, office buildings, residential or industrial and mining enterprises for different purposes, using different types of elevators. After building use to determine, in accordance with its building area, floor (height), and out of personnel flow, where the position of the elevator floor to make traffic analysis and other factors to determine the elevator speed, load (elevator car load full load ), the number of units required for elevators.

At present the country with high-rise housing for example, choose what kind of elevator and how it can save development costs, which is the main issue now before the designers and developers. Developers in the development projects must consider the quality of the economic benefits and housing, so choose the elevator should not only reduce costs but also to meet the requirements, as well as safety and comfort. International response to a ladder two, a ladder three 7-layer --20 storey residential elevator select the speed and load a scientific computing, for which summed up the results as follows Kodak elevator. First, lift the configuration options. A ladder two or more layers of 7 -20 storey residential, select elevator load and speed: 800KG, 1.0M / S-1.5 is the best, is the most reasonable choice economy; in addition you can choose the 1000 truck, 1.0M / S-1.5M / S equipped. 800KG elevator can ride 9-10 people, while there are two to three people traveling together; 1000KG elevator can ride 11-13 people, while there are three to four people traveling together;

Selection elevator specifications

In particular elevator manufacturers and brand choice, as far as possible multi-contact selection. It should be noted only in the hall, car doors, car size and configuration of the elevator specifications, try to adopt a common standard products as standard sized unity, the cost is relatively less costly. For example, such as two of the same brand lift, they speed, load, landing (landing door number) are all the same configuration, but a universal standard for the format and size of its products, while the other hall door, the car sized non-standard, that is, to be subject to a separate process, the latter than the former equipment would cost 10% to 15% higher, of course, if we have to adopt a similar standard under traction, or other special forms elevator, not the cost is also necessary to avoid more big. One thing more needs to note that the elevator is a special commodity, it is to be produced in order to set the method of selling, in other words, is like to be tailored according to the specific requirements of the order-made production, so that once the contract is signed between supply and demand

Set, factory production specifications and then change its dimensions and parameters very troublesome, if the demand side to this end proposes return, general contract manufacturers paid deposit is not refundable. Universal standard vertical elevators of size, to load 1000kg ladder as an example, the standard should be: Number of Passengers 13 people, hall car door in the form of carved door, hall door dimensions width 0.9m, height 2.1m, car size width 1.6m, depth 1.5m, high 2.3m (can be made for the 2.3 ~ 2.5m high) to this request hoistway civil size width 2.2m, depth 2.1m, leaving the hall door entrance hole Jodo built wide 1.14m, height 2.24m, it The elevator machine room must be located in the elevator shaft above the like. These basic data are the basic parameters of the current unified elevator standard form home and abroad.

Elevator manufacturers and brands mentioned in the selection of the elevator manufacturer, choose the brand and choose to install an elevator construction sector, but should be very careful, you can also say that this is a very critical step to purchase an elevator, so in the elevator before ordering contract, purchase Ladder sector must take the time necessary for manufacturers to supply the necessary review and study; and the manufacturer is obliged to produce a business license to the buyer, lift production license, which belongs to the construction sector construction enterprise qualification grade, install security accreditation and other evidence file, consult the supplier requires the buyer to demand-side before and after sales service commitment, warranty time, they need to understand the health and performance of products in actual use, specifically for this type of lift as the highest lifting height up to stop layer the number of stations, use of special tools maintenance, consumable spare parts, Delivery, factory production of the products, the implementation of the elevator functions, the use of market inputs, etc., which can be included inspect content and projects. The content is also a direct reflection of the overall strength of the manufacturer and the basic production status.

Elevator manufacturing standards currently promulgated by the state to lift the basic functions and modes of operation are spelled out. Vertical ladder (except debris staircase, etc.) are generally operated on the panel are equipped with yes / no driver dual-conversion devices, but also with a switch, emergency stop buttons and other functions to manipulate the elevator maintenance for dedicated personnel, but the function program, passenger and freight elevators and debris staircase differ greatly, the buyer must be selected according to the type of lift.

Elevator manufacturing standard reference to national provisions on this aspect has been very careful, very complete basic functions of various types of elevators, the owners no longer need additional equipment costs, but some functions (non-essential functions) such as the installation of surveillance inside and outside the car system, power re-leveling devices, artificial intelligence and other metal part of the card other than basic functions, which will increase the cost of certain equipment.

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