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Home lift are a great addition to multi-storied residential building and a real boon for the elderly as well as physically challenged persons. Incorporated with a range of innovative safety features and technological specifications, residential lift can provide safe and comfortable access to all levels of your home.

Installing a residential lift overcomes the challenge of negotiating stairways. It allows you access the different floors in your home effortlessly. Besides providing safe and comfortable access to the floors of your home, the device facilitates the transportation of goods such as laundry, furniture, seasonal items and groceries from floor to floor.

Sophisticated technology ensures a smooth and safe ride

To ensure that your ride is safe, smooth and comfortable, home lift systems come with advanced safety features, easy-to-use controls and specifications.

• Anti-skid platform: Non skid platform allows the users to enter the lift quite safely, without fear of falls and slips.

• Door interlocks: Residential lift are provided with door interlocks to prevent the chance of the doors opening when the lift is moving.

• Emergency stop switch: Helps to stop the lift quickly whenever an emergency occurs.

• Under-panel sensor: The lift stops immediately if it happens to encounter an obstruction in its path, thereby protecting both the user and the system from accidents.

• Emergency alarm button: This allows the user to seek immediate help in case of an emergency.

Other safety features include fully automatic operating controls, manual emergency battery lowering button, backup power facility, in-cab alarms, emergency lighting, handrails on platforms, an emergency telephone or communication system, slack rope safety system, uninterrupted power, door interlocks, under-platform sensors, final and ultimate limit switches, open door sensor, in-use indicator lights on hall stations, motorized braking, locked power cabinets, one touch screen controls, cable safety devices and more.

Buy your home lift from an established lift suppliers and car size. lift designed in prescribed standards and cabin dimensions can conveni

While home lift help you enjoy safe and comfortable access to the different levels of your home, it's important to purchase your device from the right dealer. Buying lift from a reliable lift supplier offers many advantages. A reliable and established lift supplier can offer you free site assessment, trouble-free as well as professional support to set up the device with least structural modification and to suit your specific accessibility requirements. Only a professional lift supplier can provide efficient after-sales support such inspection, maintenance and repair.

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