How Fujihd Smart Elevator Works


When building occupants enter the building’s lobby, there is a keypad podium, or key card swipe. Users either enter their desired floor, or swipe their security key card, and the smart system assigns them to an elevator car.

For instance, riders moving to the 20th, 21st, and 26th floor of a building are grouped together, and the elevator is not required to stop on floors where only a single passenger will exit. Passengers stopping at floors 12, 14, and 16 are in another car. Essentially, instead of sending three different cars to the same floor, the smart system sends one car to the same floor, freeing up the others.

Because the smart elevator uses a keypad or key card system, smart elevator cars do not have buttons exposed to the public; the elevator knows where you’re going before you board. Additionally, smart elevator cars constantly monitor weight distribution, and full cars will not make additional stops if there is not enough load capacity to safely onboard new passengers.

While smart elevators are more expensive to retrofit and install, they are also potentially more efficient. By minimizing empty trips, there is less wear on the elevator overall, leading to longevity of the elevator and its components. Some smart elevator units can monitor each individual component of the elevator, proactively planning maintenance and saving the operator money on repairs or major stoppages.

1. Using 32 bit high speed CPU, the most advanced VVVF system and full digital control, it runs exactly and greatly.

2. Module structured, it has self-test programs to reduce troubles and prolong lifespan of elevators.

3. With various designs, multifold functions, it makes your space more comfortable and colorful.

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