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Clearly, the installation of a system such as a residential lift is going to require the hiring of licensed and experienced professionals. There are residential lift contractors selling and installing all major brands, and their work will include:

Installation of a custom lift designed to meet the needs of the owner. For this discussion we have selected a 15 square foot model of "average" design, which would include:

A cab of 6-10" in height, a single incandescent light, hardwood handrails 2, and an integrated control panel with built in emergency lighting and telephone fixture;

Vinyl 3 or hardwood accordion gate to serve as entry door; and A hydraulic system that offered up to 950 pounds in capacity, a travel speed of 40 feet per minute, and an auto lowering emergency system.

Installation of electronic control systems for style selected; and Components designed to meet or exceed National Safety Codes for lift Safety.

Additional considerations and costs

This means that the homeowner will have to hire an experienced and licensed building contractor to assist them in preparing for the installation. This will usually mean that the following activities are also a significant part of the process:

Construction of a vertical shaft approximately 45"x52" in size which will necessitate the use of an architect or a structural engineer to properly design;

Approval of design and project by local planning or building agency; and Electrical and carpentry work to local building code;

Most lift suppliers will make a list of required electrical equipment that must be in place before the installation will occur as well. This means that the homeowner or their general contractor will need to ensure that a licensed electrician (charging between $75 to $200 per hour) installs such traditional fixtures as:

Single 230 volt - 30 AMP fused disconnect for primary power supply;

Single 120 volt - 15 AMP fused disconnect or circuit breaker for cab lighting;

Single GFI outlet;

Single light fixture with wall switch; and Phone line with "pigtail 4".

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