How to Install Observation Elevator from Fujihd Elevator Manufacturer


Observation elevators make traveling between floors within a building a dramatic and exciting experience, Fujihd elevator’s latest line-up of observation elevator from fujihd elevator manufacturer builds on its most popular designs, and expands the view by adding enen more window space. In addition, customers can mix and match components to create the ideal elevator for a particular building or purpose, whether it is hotel, mall or office, indoor or outdoor. A range of popular standard elevator types are also available, offering cost performance and proven quality. Any of the new models, component-type or standard, will add an exciting new dimension to elevator travel, with light, space and visible motion.


When you consider to install an observation,you’d better consider the following tips.

Prices and delivery schedules vary greatly depending on such factors as design, materials, finish, car shape and installation conditions. Adequate space should be allowed for the elevator hoistway(inner dimensions, pit depth, overhead,etc.) so that no restrictions are placed on car shape or exterior trime design. If air conditioning equipment is installed on the car, it is requested that for the outdoor enclosed model sufficient ventilation and air conditioning be provided so that the machinery installed in the elevator hoistway and machine room is not exposed to high temperatures as a result of direct sunlight. In addition, please consider the use of thermal insulation glass on the building side as required.

In cold regions, measures should be taken to protect machinery against low temperatures and condensation. Measures include the use of thermal insulation glass on the building side and warm-air blowers for the elevator hoistway.

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