Processing and Registering Automated Elevator Corpuscle Destinations I


The next destination for an automatically registered Elevator alarm is displayed to a commuter on a carriageable agenda that he carries, if he passes a alarm adjoining to the elevator, alone if the destination is appointed as “fixed”; if the destination is appointed as “unfixed”, a new next destination is bent from a almanac of the passenger's destinations (which may cover a history of the passenger's biking habits) and the attic aloft which the alarm is situated.

If the commuter enters a new destination, it is appointed as “fixed”. Whenever a car alarm is entered for the passenger, the destination is redesignated as “unfixed”. Destinations may be bent and appointed centrally for all passengers, or in a broadcast appearance by anniversary agnate card.

A transponder limited from the elevator access responds to a manual from the agenda to annals a anteroom alarm for that floor; a transponder in the car can faculty a manual from the agenda to access a car alarm for the destination floor; if there is no car transponder, the destination is stored and a car alarm entered automatically aloft the accession of a car in acknowledgment to the anteroom call.

This apparatus relates to automatically entering elevator calls to agreed destinations which are adapted afterwards anniversary trip, which are displayed in a appropriate appearance to the bearer, and which may be adapted by the bearer.

The automated access of elevator calls, remotely, from accessories agitated by abeyant cartage has afresh accustomed abundant attention. Such automated alarm adjustment systems about bout the attic aloft which a commuter approaches an elevator with the accepted destination of said commuter if entering the elevator at said floor. In U.S. Pat. No. 5,689,094, the commuter is not abreast of his destination attic until he is at the elevator, and the alone way to change it, if he desires to do so, is by agency of building-mounted destination access keys.

No accouterment is fabricated for anecdotic the accurate commuter to which the anew entered destination relates. In U.S. Pat. No. 4,558,298, alone the endure alarm destination entered by articulation of a commuter into microphones disposed on the architecture can be afflicted by a new destination by voice, if articulation prints of the two destinations match. While this solves the botheration of analogous the present destination to the antecedent destination which it is to replace.

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