What Are the Benefits of China Elevator


In the past, homeowners wanting to place China elevator into their households, would have to confront the project as a major construction effort. It was expensive and time-consuming. In addition, the labor and materials would also create inconveniences, with the builders traipsing in and out of your house all day, and giant holes in your floor and ceiling ruining the aesthetic quality of your living room.

Now, construction can not be quick, easy, and environmentally sound without the revolutionary technology of residential China elevators. No longer will unsightly pits need to be dug outside of your house to store noisy and unsightly operating equipment. China elevators are assembled on the spot in the home with a minimum of effort and practically no mess. They can also be fully functional within two days.

China elevators are powered by atmospheric pressure, or "air," which means that they are no longer the energy guzzling home elevators of the past. Traditional home elevators rely on massive stores of energy to rise between levels and descend as well. Since air powered elevators rely on atmospheric pressure to operate, descent doesn't use any external energy at all. Not only will this save substantially on energy bills, but it is also a more environmentally sound option.

The Benefits of a China Elevator

Easy Install - For you DIY project warriors out there, installing a pneumatic elevator is simple, fast and easy. Most models can be set up in the better part of an afternoon and ready to ride after dinner. For larger models, just make sure you have enough hands on deck to get the job done. The reason install is easy is because these elevators operate without a machine room or pit. Simply snap together the polycarbonate shaft, install the cab and attach the pump to the top of the tube and you're done! Installation is easy and simple so that we do advise that all DIY builders take safety precautions, work cautiously and take breaks when becoming fatigued to help avoid bodily injury and elevator damage.

Maintenance Free - One of the biggest perks of Chian elevators is that they are virtually maintenance free. Traditional cable driven elevators require gears, cables and a lot of mechanical parts to keep the car moving. Pneumatic elevators on the other hand, do not. Since traditional elevators have so many moving parts, yearly maintenance and regular upkeep is to be expected. Pneumatic elevators do not have any moving parts so they require no yearly maintenance. Since they have no moving parts they do not require any liquids for lubrication either.

Super Safe - If you ask a person, who is afraid of elevators, what they are so afraid of, the response you get most is, "I don't want to get stuck." This is a justifiable fear as traditional elevators will stop working if there is a power outage.

However, this fear will disappear completely with China elevators because they are powered by hydraulics the car, which will not stop abruptly do to a power outage and will not trap the rider mid-floor. In the case that the power does go out, pressure in the chamber will begin to equalize causing the elevator car to gently descend to the bottom floor. Once the car reaches the bottom floor the rider can easily exit. Chances are, the rider won't even know that the power is out until he or she de-boards.

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