Follow the red footsteps and revisit the original mission – Hengda Fuji Elevator Party Branch visits the Memorial Hall of the New Fourth Army Suzhe Military Region.

To deepen the learning and education of party history, further inherit and carry forward the revolutionary fine traditions, and stimulate the internal drive of Hengda Fuji Elevator Party Branch members to fear no difficulties, be down-to-earth, and dare to forge ahead. On June 17th, the Hengda Fuji Elevator Party Branch organized party members to visit the Changxing New Fourth Army Suzhe Military Region Memorial Hall to carry out a party building activity with the theme of “tracing the red footsteps, revisiting the original mission.”

The Memorial Hall of the Fourth Army Su-Zhe Military Region is known as the “Little Yan’an of Jiangnan”. The solemn and dignified layout inside the hall, coupled with the explanations from the guides, captivates everyone’s attention as they earnestly listen to the heroic deeds of the Fourth Army in the fight against Japanese aggression. People also learn about the history of the Fourth Army’s valiant resistance in western Zhejiang, and reflect on their original aspirations and missions. Party members carefully listen to the history of the Fourth Army’s Su-Zhe Military Region’s resistance against Japan, earnestly view historical pictures and precious artifacts, and revisit the arduous journey of the Fourth Army’s development. They are deeply moved by the spirit of selflessness, bravery, perseverance, and noble character demonstrated by their predecessors.

Since the establishment of the Hengda Fuji Elevator Party Branch Committee, party-building activities have been held every year on the eve of the Party’s founding day. The purpose is to deepen party members’ understanding of the Party, enhance their exemplary leadership awareness in work and life, and promote the spirit of national intelligent manufacturing. The Hengda Fuji Party Branch Committee calls on all party members to maintain the advanced ideology and actions of party members, thoroughly implement the spirit of national intelligent manufacturing, and build Hengda Fuji Elevator into a benchmark demonstration enterprise for Chinese national elevator brands.



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