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Freight & Hospital Elevator

Usage scenarioManual forklift &cartBalance heavy forklift&
Electrical pallet forklift
Product typeFreight elevator(standard type)Freight elevator(forklift type)Freight elevator(car type)
Rated load(kg)2000 30003000 5000 10000*210000
Rated speed(m/s)0.510.510.5
Maximum travelling height(m)606060
Single maximum allowed entry weight0.6xrated load1.0xrated load1.0xrated load
  1. The maximum allowed entry mass refers to the total load weight (including loading and unloading equipment, cargo, and personnel) entering the car at a single time.
  2. 10000kg specification Rated speed is only 0.5m/s.
  3. If the customer’s use scenario is beyond the described scope, please consult FUJIHD.

Speed Governor

Realize bi-directional test, quick capture, stable performance,safer.
Speed Governor

Safety Gear

Adaptive safety clamp is suitable for a variety of guide rails, is a more reliable safety protection device for elevator down speed and fall protection, and has better braking force.
Safety Gear


Passed harsh environment tests, such as dust, damp heat, salt spray, high and low temperature, vibration, etc,more than 100 life tests.

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