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Hotel & Office Building & Shopping Mall

FUJIHD’s commercial elevators are equipped with tools for destination management and control, which can save more time and improve work efficiency during peak periods.

Traction Machine

The tractor is miniaturized by reducing shaft load, motor torque and brake torque. No additional excitation current and rotor current are required, which saves about 30% of energy compared to traditional turboworm tractors. The traction system of 2:1 rope winding ratio is adopted, which makes the traction machine more miniaturized by reducing the shaft load, motor torque and braking torque. The brake adopts external direct acting drum structure, which has the characteristics of low energy consumption, simple structure, simple structure and easy maintenance.

Traction Machine
GB / T 7588 . 1 is an available option GB / T24478-2009
GB / T 7588 . 1 is an available option GB / T24478-2009
GB / T 7588 . 1 is an available option GB / T24478-2009

Control Cabinet

Control Cabinet

Internet intelligent integrated control system

This series of control cabinet adopts a new structural design, the overall beautiful, reasonable layout, the materials used are cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Support to drive AC asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor, safe, reliable and energy saving, while reducing the number of accompanying cables, user interface fixed, easy to use and maintenance.

The elevator adopts a programmable electronic safety-related system with a grade of SIL2, and the UCMP module can realize arbitrary short-circuit detection of the door lock, making the elevator safer and more reliable operation.

Light Curtain

IP65:Can ensure normal operation under harsh conditions

Curtain beam≥174 beam

The dense beam of light allows for
more accurate judgment of the door area

Energy Saving

The top of the car is illuminated by LED, and intelligent power technology can be selected to automatically turn
 off the car lighting and ventilation device when the elevator is in standby

Destination Selection Layer

The best performance and passenger convenience in one solution,
enabled by the most advanced and flexible technology on the market

Clear guidance, no unnecessary stops, and less crowded elevators by
assigning people an elevator according to their destination floor

Attractive, user-friendly operating panels, including new touchscreens and mobile applications for smartphones

Easy integration with FUJIHD Access or third-party access control systems

BMS System

BMS systems are “Intelligent” microprocessor based controller networks,they link the functionality of individual pieces of building equipment so that they operate as one complete integrated system.

FUJIHD’s BMS systems are now based on open communications protocols and are WEB enabled allowing integration of systems from multiple system vendors and access from anywhere in the world,direct integration into all other building services such as security, access control, CCTV, fire, Lifts and other life and safety systems.

Strong Coping Ability

Lower civil requirements

Suitable for more scenes, can contain car and forklift

Specifications cover a wider range, and the maximum capacity can be 10000kg, speed (0.5m/s)

Maximum speed can be 1m/s (2000kg-5000kg)

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