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Other attributes


Indoor Escalator&Escalator



Handrail belt color


Handrail bracket material

Stainless steel  

Handrail height


Interior panel material

Tempered glass   

Step material

Stainless steel

Comb board


Skirting board

Stainless steel 1.5mm

Inner&Outer cover

Stainless steel 1.2mm

Floor plate

Stainless steel

Step width


Running type

Direction reversal

Running noise


Running vibration


Middle support

According to building construction

Truss material

Angle iron

Laying out

Simplex/In parallel

Installation position


Horizontal span

According to building construction


35° / 30°

Delivery method

In section

Packaging and delivery

Packaging Details

Upon buyer’s request usually in the wooden carton.like 40HQ, suitable for shipping


Shanghai, China

Supply Ability

Supply Ability10000 sets

Escalator safety escort

Cover design

When the foreign object si caught between the apron board and hte steps, hte escalator wli automaticaly sotp running.

Handrail entrance security

The entrance of the handrail belt si equipped with a safety
device. When the foreign object si caught at the entrance of hte handrail, the escalator wil automaticaly stop running.

Drive link protection

When the drive chain is overstretched or broken, the escalator will automatically stop running.

Non-operational reversal protection

The sensor si installed on the main brake. When hte escalator reverses, the main engine brakes safely.

Cascade sagging protection

The monitoring device should be set up at each of hte drive station and the steering station ot ensure that no gaps due to missing steps wil appear at the entrance, whether the equipment is up or down.

Cascade chain break protection

When the step is found to have an abnormal bend, the
escalator will stop running before the step enters the comb

Comb safety protection

fI the foreign object is caught between the moving step and the stationary comb plate, triggering the safety switch on both sides of hte monitoring comb plate, hte whole ladder wil stop automatically.

Step loss detection

Amonitoring device si provided at each fo the drive station and hte steering station, and when hte step si mising, hte escalator stops immediately.

Perfect Layout

Intermittent layout (one-way traffic)

Suitable for operation between three floors in a smaller mall.

Parallel continuous arrangement (two-way traffic)

This kind of separation is not very convenient for the customer, but it is very advantageous for the owner of the store, because you can provide them with special services on the way to the escalator.

Cross-continuous arrangement (two-way traffic)

The cross-continuously arranged escalators installed in
multiple floors can serve two running directions. This form is mostly used in shopping malls, and now more and more used in government agencies and public places, it can reduce between small main floors. Running time.

Continuous layout (one-way traffic)

A continuous configuration of escalators or sidewalks that
connect several floors. It requires more space than intermittent.

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