Residential Solutions

Excellent Design Philosophy

FUJIHD’s technical team designs and creates a compact elevator solution for customers, providing greater seating space. It is specifically designed for buildings with high safety and comfort requirements, providing numerous car decoration design solutions, excellent riding comfort, and excellent energy-saving efficiency.

Energy Management

Energy feedback technology meticulously processes the regenerated energy generated during the light load up and heavy load down of elevators, not only reducing elevator energy consumption, but also supplying it to other electrical equipment in the same power system. FUJIHD has a first-class energy consumption qualification, which saves 30% of energy compared to ordinary elevators.

The Highest Security Standard

Each safety component of FUJIHD undergoes strict quality inspection, greatly improving the safe operation of the elevator and ensuring the safety and riding experience of passengers.

Humanized Design Concept

By saving installation and maintenance costs, customized appearance designs can meet the needs of different customers.

Door Machine

Slim permanent magnet synchronous motor directly drives the door motor, reducing the volume of the door motor. The microcomputer controlled VVVF door motor speed regulation system makes the door run intelligently, and can automatically adjust the running speed graphics and torque of the door according to the operating conditions of each station door (such as door weight, etc.) to achieve accurate, smooth and quiet opening and closing action, while effectively improving the efficiency of the door motor.

Plasma Air Purification Fan

Efficient filtration: This can effectively filter harmful substances in the air.
Powerful purification effect: Utilizing high-energy electrons to collide with molecules in the air to achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection, as well as the effect of air evolution.

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