Hengda Fuji Elevator made a wonderful appearance at the Saudi Arabia International Elevator Exhibition, with orders from all over the world!

When it comes to Saudi Arabia, the first impression is that it is a “magical country in the desert”. The 2023 Saudi Arabia International Elevator and Elevator Parts Exhibition held in this magical country makes people full of expectations. Hengda Fuji Elevator overseas market sales team went to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to participate in this elevator exhibition.

Saudi International Elevator Exhibition is one of the largest exhibitions in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East for elevator and escalator related industries and technology exchange. 2023 the exhibition was held in Jeddah International Convention and Exhibition Center, Saudi Arabia, the exhibition was supported by Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SSMQO), Saudi Council of Engineers (SCOE), GCC Standardization Organization (GCC), and Saudi Industrial Property Rights Authority (SIPRA).

During the exhibition, Hengda Fuji Elevator’s booth was full of customers who came to consult and negotiate, attracting many customers to stop to visit and communicate with each other, and they highly appreciated the overall strength of Hengda Fuji Elevator’s brand, product quality and after-sales service, hoping to use this exhibition as a bridge of communication and exchange, and to carry out more in-depth cooperation, so as to realize the mutual benefit and win-win situation as well as common development of the two sides. The participation of Hengda Fuji in this elevator exhibition provides more direct face-to-face communication and exchange for the development of the elevator sales market in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries and regions, and the expansion of overseas business.

Hengda Fuji Elevator FUJIHD always adheres to the brand strategy of basing on China and serving the whole world, continues to plough into the overseas market, and provides high-end, stable, safe and fast escalator products for many iconic buildings in the world. In recent years, it has participated in many comprehensive elevator exhibitions in the world, including Russia Elevator Exhibition, Kazakhstan Elevator Exhibition, Egypt Elevator Exhibition, Brazil Elevator Exhibition, etc., which has further enhanced the brand influence and popularity of Hundred Fuji Elevator in the world. At the same time, Hengda Fuji Elevator has actively responded to the national “Belt and Road” initiative, focusing on digging and serving the countries and regions along the routes, and has provided high-quality escalator products for high-end residential projects, airport projects, city complexes, star hotels, and governmental organizations in more than 80 countries and regions along the Belt and Road and the peripheral routes, which has proved once again that the Hundred FUJIHD Elevator is the most popular elevator in the world. FUJIHD’s overseas market expansion and services have won customers’ favor and trust.

FUJIHD Partial Overseas Market Project Collection

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