Hengda Fuji Elevator won the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award

Recently, the Zhejiang Province Innovation Deepening Conference was held at the Provincial Hall of the People. The Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the list of winners of the 2022 Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Award. Hengda Fuji Elevator, as the host unit, applied for the project “Safety Technology and Application of High Speed Elevators Based on the Internet of Things” and won the third prize of the 2022 Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Progress Award. This is another important honor of Hengda Fuji Elevator in the field of technological innovation, and further demonstrates the strength and influence of Hengda Fuji Elevator in the fields of technological innovation and research and development investment.

The research and application of high-speed elevator safety technology based on the Internet of Things is closely related to the current high-speed elevator safety technology. Starting from the innovation of elevator safety structure, adaptive control technology, safety detection technology, and online monitoring technology, after data analysis and practice, the overall technical difficulty and innovation of the results are high, and the overall technology is at the international leading level. As early as 2010, Hengda Fuji Elevator established its own big data IoT monitoring platform to supervise and control the operation of elevators, greatly improving the real-time monitoring level of elevators during operation and reducing the adverse effects of elevator malfunctions on elevator passengers. The widespread application of Internet technology has had a significant impact on the innovation and progress of the elevator industry, and the economic benefits of promoting its application are significant.

In recent years, Hengda Fuji Elevator has actively increased investment in technological innovation and research and development, better adapting to the constantly diversified market demand, and has won numerous important national and provincial honors. Actively exploring and opening up diversified and all-round technological innovation paths for enterprises, bringing successful experiences for the industry to learn from, and injecting new vitality into their own sustainable development and industrial upgrading!


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